5 Food-Themed Bridal Shower Games That Are Actually Fun

updated May 1, 2019
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Bridal shower games have a reputation for being, well, kinda brutal. There’s the one where teams of women have to construct a wedding dress … on another woman … using toilet paper. And there’s the one where all the guests bring a pair of underpants to ultimately hang on a clothesline and make the bride guess who brought what. (Note: That might be the only time the word “underpants” has appeared on this site.) No, thank you!

These activities don’t have to be so terribly cheesy or embarrassing! And they can actually revolve around something that the couple likes: food! Check out these fun bridal shower games that everyone will actually want to play.

1. Cupcake Decorating Challenge

How hard can it be to decorate a cupcake to look like a mini wedding cake? Pretty hard — if you’re wearing oven mitts! Pick up a few pairs at the dollar store, some unfrosted cupcakes, and plenty of decorations. Everyone gets 10 minutes to decorate a cupcake and, once everyone’s had a chance, the finished products go on display for a group vote to see who did the best job.

2. Unscramble the Recipe

Ahead of time, print out some recipes (we have a few on this site … ) and use scissors to cut out each step. Put all the pieces — along with the list of all the ingredients — into an envelope. (One recipe per envelope.) Then during the party, divide the women into teams and give each team one envelope. Whichever team puts their steps in the correct order the fastest, wins. Keep a copy of each unscrambled recipe to use as a key and then give them all to the bride for future use.

3. Name That Spice!

The best way to spice up a relationship is to use actual spices! (At least that’s our advice.) Have a bunch on hand for the shower and put a little bit of each into a numbered container. Guests can smell and inspect — but no tasting allowed! — in order to name each spice. Whoever gets the most right wins a prize. And the bride gets to keep the spices.

4. Sip and Guess

While you’re planning the party, ask the bride and groom to name their favorite wines, beers, and cocktails. Have an assortment of their picks on hand and lead all the guests in a blind taste test. Whoever can correctly identify the most drinks (and who picked it!) wins a prize.

5. Food-Themed Bridal Trivia

Before the party, set up a worksheet for guests to fill out that asks all the hard questions about the couple — and food. For example: What’s the groom’s favorite cereal? Name the restaurant where the couple shared their first meal? What is her favorite thing he makes for dinner? The bride can give the answers and crown a winner.

What games have you played or planned for a bridal shower?