Get 4 Weeks of Help for Daily Cooking: Sign Up for The Cooking Cure!

published Feb 24, 2014
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Last fall, many of you joined us for The Kitchn Cure, a two-week group cleaning spree and refresh of our kitchen spaces. Are you ready for a new challenge this spring? Next week we are introducing a brand new Cure: The Cooking Cure! Want to be the first to try it?

This 4-week Cooking Cure is designed to get you cooking at home every day, starting with 5-minute baby steps and culminating in a week of 21 home-cooked meals. There will be plenty of flexibility for you to set your own goals and figure out what your breakfast, lunch, and dinner should be. Think of it as a guided Choose Your Own Adventure in cooking every day, your way, your style. We’ll provide 20 assignments, designed to break you out of your cooking rut and guide you into new meals and happier cooking every day. Want to join us?

March 3 to March 28 at The Kitchn

Use the #cookingcure hashtag to share your progress on Instagram, Pinterest, Facebook and Twitter!

What’s a Cure?

As long as The Kitchn and Apartment Therapy have been around, we’ve been running Cures — daily assignments spaced out over a few weeks, designed to empower people to make changes in their homes and kitchens. A Cure is an opportunity to focus your attention on the problems you have at home and turn them into moments of accomplishment.

We’ve helped thousands of people shake off the dust of old habits and find fresh new ways to enjoy their homes and kitchens more. Now it’s time to Cure our own cooking and daily meals. What needs help? Let’s fix it together!

What’s the Goal of The Cooking Cure?

To help you cook at home more often!

All of us get in cooking ruts, or become exhausted with the daily grind of cooking meals for ourselves, our families, and our households. Everyone could use some encouragement in this worthy endeavor, and The Cooking Cure will offer you 20 small, short exercises to help you enjoy cooking more and find fresh ways to make it work for your life. The Cooking Cure will also join you to many fellow cooks working on the same thing at the same time.

What Does Signing Up Mean?

By signing up, you’ll receive an email each weekday for four weeks. This email will include a link to the daily assignments plus a lot of inspiration — everything you need to stay on task and hit your goal, delivered to your inbox throughout the four weeks of The Cooking Cure.

What’s the Schedule?

Here’s a quick overview of what to expect:

  • Week 1 (March 3) – Breakfast: 5 assignments to renew your breakfast.
  • Week 2 (March 10) – Lunch: 5 assignments for your lunch routine.
  • Week 3 (March 17) – Dinner: 5 assignments to refresh dinner.
  • Week 4 (March 24) – Put It All Together: 5 assignments to help you build habits of cooking breakfast, lunch, and dinner more frequently each week.

Your Homework: Write Down Your Breakfasts This Week

If you signed up, then we have homework for you! (Don’t worry — there won’t be a pop quiz.) Keep some notes about what you eat for breakfast this week. Those notes will come in handy when we kick off the Cure next week.

Look for the first Cooking Cure assignment

Monday, March 3!