4 Ways To Reuse Your Butter Wrappers!


We’ve always saved our butter wrappers after using up all the butter that lives inside. They come in quite handy for several different things around the kitchen, plus they can be an inexpensive resource and time saver…

Use Them To Grease Pans: We keep each wrapper folded onto itself in the freezer and ready to go whenever a pan needs to be greased. Since we are trying to be a paper towel free home it helps give support to that small, yet important bit of butter!

Make Rice Krispie Treats In A Snap: The most frustrating part (at least for us) to making this favorite past time snack (because we’re still kids at heart!) is pressing them into the pan without getting our hands covered in butter! We remove a wrapper from our bag in the freezer and use them to push the sticky treats into place. No mess, no fuss, no extra hand washing!

Use In Place Of Non Stick Spray: Often times we keep a can of non-stick spray on hand when we need just a little fat for sauteing. We don’t really want our food to take on the taste of the fat, but aren’t too keen on having food stick! The small amount of butter left on the wrappers, especially with those containing a bit more butter, work perfectly for this!

Separating Hamburger Patties: It doesn’t matter if you’re planning on pattying up burgers for the next few weeks and keeping them frozen, or on hand for a party in a few hours, this trick works great either way! Simply patty up your meat and between each one place a wrapper. They won’t stick to each other or themselves and can help keep things stacked together and taking up less space in your fridge or freezer!

Do you keep your butter wrappers? Do you use them differently? Let us know in the comments below!

(Images: Sarah Rae Trover)

Sarah Rae Smith


Sarah Rae Smith has lived all across the Midwest and currently calls the bratwurst-laden city of Sheboygan home. She seeks out kitchens that make the best pie and farmers with fresh eggs.