4 Rules of Bread, According to The Brooklyn Bread Lab

updated Dec 17, 2019
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(Image credit: Emma Christensen)

If, a few years ago, someone told you that 2016 would be the year of bread and butter, would you have believed them? If you were me, you would not have. Instead, you would have snorted and wondered, how could these basic staples be #trending?

But now that we’re well into 2016, I’d argue that that predictor of food cool was absolutely right. Not only has Oprah confessed her love for the stuff, but myriad artisanal bakers are grinding their own flour and making loaves so complex, you might consider bread its own meal (hold the butter).

Among those makers of gorgeous, crusty buns, baguettes, and boules is Adam Leonti, the soon-to-be chef at The Williamsburg Hotel, who is currently milling flour and teaching bread classes at the Brooklyn Bread Lab, a pop-up kitchen in Bushwick. I stopped by for a class on bread-making basics — and this is what I learned.