Four Reasons Why This Built-In Storage Is A Smart Idea

Four Reasons Why This Built-In Storage Is A Smart Idea

Sarah Rae Smith
Feb 28, 2011

Although most folks are trying to maximize their countertop space, giving them the largest work surface possible, this built in storage in Delafield, Wisconsin does the exact opposite. But by building in storage where countertops could have been they've actually maximized the kitchen's potential.

This is the home of Cheri and Steve Ware and although their entire home is quite beautiful (take the full tour here), we wanted to focus a minute on their kitchen. We've taken a look at so many storage solutions for kitchens large and small it's enough to make your head spin, but we wanted to focus a minute on why this space makes smart use of some built in cabinetry. Here's why we love the look:

1. Dust Be Gone: As those who have a microwave sitting on their countertop can attest to, they collect dust like crazy. In addition, it's a serious magnet for little things that end up feeling junky. It starts with a bunch of bananas and then gradually gets a few potholders added or the salt and pepper. It's an all around dust and clutter magnet! By building it in, you avoid all of that!

2. Two Inches Makes All The Difference: Look at the height of the microwave. Although it would appear that it's sitting at normal cabinet height, it's actually just a few inches higher. Now think about all those times you've bent over to check a dish you're reheating and how you do that lean back, look in while twisting down to look a little sideways.... now picture never doing that again. That's what 2 inches will give you!

3. Controlled Cookbooks: Ample storage for cookbooks in any kitchen is a nice luxury, but just like many forms of media, cookbooks are easy to collect and not utilize as much as you could. By having a set space to keep them means you can only collect so many, forcing you to only keep what you love before bringing more in.

4. Not Much Lost: Having grown up with a kitchen that has a small angled section off to the side, I can tell you they don't do much. You look at it and think, well if that wasn't there, I could make so many things or cook side by side with my husband. Truth be told, it's just a place to bump elbows and forget where you put ingredients down at.

Do you like the look? Let us know in the comments below why it's your cup of tea or not your ideal cooking location!

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(Image: Kristyna Wentz-Graff for the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel)

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