4 Fresh Ways To Serve Up Fall Vegetables

100511-vegrndp.jpg We’re always looking for new ways to serve up some of our favorite fall vegetables. Although baked with a little salt and pepper is fine, I’m willing to bet that these festive options are going to knock your socks right off.

It doesn’t matter if you know 100 ways to serve up your vegetables, that doesn’t mean there isn’t a little room for expansion. Here’s 4 ways that take something ordinary and turn them into show stoppers, appetizers, and hearty main meals that your family will love.

1. Fall Vegetable Curry: This simply way to use pantry staples and your favorite fall finds is delicious and is a quick hearty fix for those cold fall days. Get the recipe: from My Recipes.

2. Pancetta and Sesame-Coated Turnips: Pancetta on anything makes it better, but this quick appetizer or even main course is a fresh twist on common ingredients that makes any meal special and flavorful. Get the Recipe: from Bon Appetit

3. Fall Medley Vegetable Soup: The presentation of this soup steals the show and puts to use great Fall ingredients. Even if your guests can’t finish off the container, you can still carve it up and use it in other recipes later in the week. Get the Recipe: from La Tartine Gourmande

4. Cornbread Casserole and Butternut Squash, Mushrooms, and Ancho Mole: Think of this as a more sophisticated hot pocket of sorts. We love foods wrapped in other foods. For whatever reason they’re the right mix of childish favorites and adult flavors. Get the Recipe: from Bon Appetit

(Image: Bon Appetit, La Tartine Gourmande, My Recipes)