4 Cool Acorn-Themed Bowls For Fall

Themed bowls? Seriously? If you’re anything like me, you’re saying, “Wait! Theme tabletops can get cheesy in nothing flat!” Nonetheless, the autumn season gets me all giddy and I can’t resist a little something special on the table in acknowledgement. These acorn bowls would do the trick without going over the top in the seasonal theme department:

In wood, metal, ceramic, and glass, each of these would add a pretty autumnal touch to the tabletop:

• 1 Teak acorn bowl by Richard Nissen on Ebay (sold)
• 2 Pewter acorn lidded bowl at Didrik’s
• 3 Mid-century vintage teak and ceramic acorn bowl at Etsy
• 4 Amber brown glass acorn dish at Etsy

(Images: as linked above)