3-Ingredient Avocado Ice Cream? Well, Sort Of

3-Ingredient Avocado Ice Cream? Well, Sort Of

Faith Durand
Jun 8, 2011

After the wild, runaway success of our experimentations with one-ingredient banana ice cream, my friends and I have wondered if it was possible to work this magic with other sorts of fruits. Most fruit will just turn into a sorbet, when run frozen through a food processor. But what about avocados, I wondered. They have a bit of fat — could they make magic ice cream as well?

Well, yes and no. First, a recap. The magic of one-ingredient banana ice cream goes like this: You peel a banana, freeze it in chunks, then blend it in a food processor. It gets crumbly, then sort of mushy, and then, all of a sudden — presto! It turns into soft-serve ice cream.

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The fat in the banana is what makes this possible; it helps emulsify the frozen banana into something very like ice cream.

I was curious whether this would work with other fruits. (I'm especially curious about cherimoyas and pawpaws, but couldn't get my hands on these.) Avocado sprang to mind — it is a little fatty, after all!

So I peeled and sliced an avocado, and put it in a small container to freeze. I added the juice of a lime, and a tablespoon of sugar. After freezing overnight, the mixture was completely solid. I hacked it into chunks and put it in the food processor. I blended and blended — hoping for magic!

Well, here's what happened:

• It took a very, very long time for the avocado to break down. It freezes really hard!
• Once it started breaking down, it was almost impossible to get it smooth enough in my little KitchenAid chopper. The avocado always had small bits in it.
• So I tried blending it with a couple different methods: A handheld blender, and in a jar attached to my full-sized blender. In both methods, the avocado stuck to the sides of the container; it was hard to whip it consistently.

In the end, the avocado had nearly defrosted and while it was quite smooth, it wasn't completely free of nubs and solid bits of avocado. I froze it again, then scooped it. It did taste good, with a rich, incredibly creamy mouthfeel.

I wonder if a Vita-Mix or other high-powered blender might do a better job, and make this a magic trick indeed. But frankly, if you really want avocado ice cream, I think that simply pureeing an unfrozen avocado, and freezing it afterwards is probably a better idea. (Or try this recipe from Desert Candy, or this dairy-free version with tequila from Rick Bayless.) But it was worth a try, and it just reinforced the sheer magic of banana ice cream!

So, my question is: Has anyone done this successfully? Have you ever made avocado ice cream out of frozen avocado chunks? It seems like an idea with potential, but I'm not sure if I executed it well.

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(Images: Faith Durand)

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