3-Cup Measure: Is It a Measuring Cup? Or Is It a Wee Pan?

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

The answer, of course, is: It’s both!

Look at this oversized measuring cup from King Arthur Flour’s Baker’s Store. It’s a 3-cup measure, which is actually very handy for measuring out large quantities of flour for big batches of bread and cookies (if you’re not using a scale, of course).

But it also does double-duty as a teeny-weeny saucepan, and we can think of a lot of uses for it!

The measuring cup doubles as a small saucepan, and it’s just the right size for one or two poached eggs, or for warming milk, melting chocolate, or making a small amount of sauce or custard. We have a smallish saucepan like this and we love it!

Find it! 3-Cup Measuring Cup, $19.95 at King Arthur Flour (see their Marketplace profile)

(Image: King Arthur Flour)