35 of Our Most Decadent Chocolate Desserts

(Image credit: Lauren Volo)

Of course Valentine’s Day means that there’s an extra amount of attention being paid to chocolate on the 14th, but I would argue that all of February should be dedicated to chocolate, even the occasional appearance of February 29th! Winter is deep in its dreary phase and we need what chocolate has to offer — all of its richness, its bittersweet depth, and its dark, melty, endorphin-inducing goodness.

These 35 recipes, from extra-dark brownies with sea salt & lime to a chocolate bourbon truffle tart to coconut ganache bourbon balls, offer us more than enough inspiration to make something chocolatey every day in February and beyond.


Chocolate pudding is a childhood treat, but that doesn’t mean that adults can’t have some of the delicious fun, too.

How to Make the Deepest(Image credit: Joe Lingeman)

Chocolate Cakes

From simple sheet cakes to classic devil’s food to cupcakes, these are our most chocolatey, most delicious, most February-worthy cakes!

How to Make Flourless Chocolate Cookies(Image credit: Leela Cyd)

Cookies and Brownies

Brownies are a tried-and-true vehicle for delivering as much chocolate as possible into our bodies. We’ve got brownies that are extra dark, swirled with fruit, and sprinkled with all manner of things. Oh, and there are also a few cookies here.

French Silk Pie(Image credit: Nealey Dozier)

Tarts and Pies

Take the rich silkiness of a chocolate pudding and spoon it into a buttery, flaky shell and just like that, a perfect dessert is born. It you haven’t had French silk pie or a truffle tart in a while, it’s time you got baking!

Red Wine Hot Chocolate(Image credit: Lauren Volo)

Drinkable Chocolate

To drink chocolate is to consume it in one of its most ancient forms — liquid heaven. And while hot chocolate is certainly classic, these days we also make chocolate into a smoothie and add red wine to our cocoa mugs. Progress!

Snickers-Inspired Bar Cookies(Image credit: Maria Siriano)

Truffles and Bars

Here’s a secret: Truffles are actually really easy to make and only require a few ingredients, yet their payoff is enormous in flavor and panache. Let’s declare February truffle month!