3 Wrong Ways to Hold a Knife (Video!)

(Image credit: Alexander Merkin)

Are you holding your knife the right way as you’re chopping, dicing, and slicing your way around the kitchen? Good technique will not only keep you safe, but will help you speed up your cooking. If you want to improve your knife skills, this is the place to start. In this short video, we show you how it’s done.

Which technique are you practicing in your kitchen? Do you find yourself falling for the floppy goose technique, the dainty rider technique, or are you doing it the right way?

The right way is easy: Pinch the bolster (where the handle meets metal) with your index finger and thumb, and wrap the rest of your fingers around the handle. Your onions won’t know what hit ’em.

Ready for Knife Skills?

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→ Video by Rebecca Blumhagen for The Kitchn