3 Ways to Remove Tough Stems from Leafy Greens

published Jun 23, 2016
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Not all greens are created equal. Some, like spinach, arugula, and chard, are tender and delicate, ready to be eaten as is. Others, like kale and collards, come bearing a tough and fibrous center rib that’s best removed before eating. There are three easy ways to tackle this task; ready to see which one is right for you?

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1. Strip the leaves off with your hands.

If you’re all about keeping things simple and fast, and don’t mind if there are a few stragglers left behind, then this is the approach for you. No gadgets or tools necessary. Start at the bottom; grip the thick, bare end of the stem and pull the leaf on either side upwards, one at a time. Some bits of leaf might be left behind on the rib, but you can just tear them off.

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

2. Remove ribs with shears or a knife.

If you want a more precise approach, consider using a knife or kitchen shears to cut out the center rib. Lay the leaves upside down on a cutting board, then use a paring knife or shears to cut along both sides of the center rib, removing it from the leaf. If you’re working with similar-sized leaves, you can stack a few together to make this method even faster.

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3. Embrace tools and gadgets.

If kitchen gadgets are your thing, then this is the approach for you. There’s a tool for just about everything, and removing the tough stem from leafy greens is no exception. This type of tool is a unitasker (although it might also work with fresh herbs), but it’s small enough that it might make a worthwhile addition.