3 Tips for Cutting the Perfect Slice of Dessert

3 Tips for Cutting the Perfect Slice of Dessert

Sarah Rae Smith
Sep 26, 2011

We all want the desserts we prepare for ourselves, family and friends to look amazing. You want them to be exactly like cookbook photos show, right? But sometimes when you start cutting into that birthday cake, half the cake stays on the knife and things get mangled. Well, take a look at these tips to help cut any dessert into more beautiful slices.

1. Heat: Things like hard ice cream or chilled pies can benefit from a warm knife. What's the easiest way to accomplish this? Try a large glass filled with the hottest water possible. Dip the knife in the glass and quickly wipe it clean and cut your slice. It will make your next slice of cream pie perfectly crisp and smooth.

2. Cold: While heat helps out many items, cold can be just as beneficial. In this case, it's usually reserved for ridiculously sticky items. Specifically caramels. An ice cold knife used quickly can cut through caramel without pressing or rounding down the edges. It doesn't squish, it just cuts. The trick? Work quick and use a towel on the handle of your knife so your hands don't get chilly!

3. Butter: Although many of us knew about water or heat to help a knife cut through desserts, butter works better in many cases. When it comes to crumbly things with air pockets, a buttered knife keeps it gliding through. It works especially well on cakes, cobblers and quick breads with sticky or crumb toppings. Just wipe on at bit of butter (or use saved butter wrappers) in a small amount and cut away.

Do you have any quick tricks for getting perfect slices? Something your mother did and you made part of your kitchen arsenal? Share your thoughts in the comments below!

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