3 Tips for Making Inexpensive Stew Meat Taste Heavenly

published Feb 13, 2013
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Whether you buy a chuck roast to cut up for a pot of stew or you pick up one of those convenient packages of pre-cut stew meat, these budget cuts of beef are known for being tough. But with the right amount of TLC and a few smart tips, you can turn inexpensive stew meat into a richly flavored meal with a surprisingly tender bite.

3 Easy Ways to Totally Transform Stew Meat

Pound for pound, stew meat is a lot cheaper than pricey cuts, like steaks and short ribs. This is because they take a little more effort on the part of the home cook to turn them into something tasty. But with a little know-how, accomplishing this feat is not hard at all.

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1. Sear the meat well.

Searing meat takes a long time, and it’s tempting to skip it. Don’t. Searing the meat until it develops a dark brown crust and a sticky “fond” starts to glaze over the bottom of the pan are both key to creating the kind of rich, caramelized flavors that make stews irresistibly good.

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2. Cook it slow and steady.

Whether you’re cooking on the stovetop, in the oven, or in a slow cooker, it’s important to let the meat cook incredibly slowly at a bare simmer over the course of several hours. This gives collagens in the tough muscle tissue time to melt and make the meat tender. Try tasting a bite after an hour, two hours, and three hours — you’ll see how the meat goes from chewy to pretty good to fall-apart tender.

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3. Wait to add acid.

In a marinade, an acid can help a tough cut become tender, but in a slow-cooking stew, too much of an acidic ingredient can actually make the meat take longer to become tender. I picked up this tip from a chef a few years back and have found my stews and braises to be much improved ever since. I find that some wine to deglaze is fine, but I wait to add things like tomatoes until closer to the end of cooking.

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Your turn! Do you have any other tips to add for making stew meat taste delicious?