3 Tips for Cleaning Your Spiralizer

updated Dec 17, 2019
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By far the biggest complaint we have (and hear) about the spiralizer — whichever one you may have — is that it’s a pain to clean. Here are a few tips to make the process a little bit easier.

1. Soak or rinse your spiralizer immediately.

“Do this as soon as you’re done using it — or you’ll be sorry!” warns Kaitlin, our social media manager. She dunks her Veggetti into a Mason jar full of hot soapy water and lets it hang out while she finishes cooking. When she’s ready to do the dishes, she finds it makes a huge difference in cleaning.

If you have a tabletop version, you obviously don’t want to soak the whole spiralizer — just the blades and maybe the handle to make sure the teeth that hold your veggies don’t get residual bits caked on.

2. Put it in the dishwasher.

Our Food Editor Hali says she just throws her spiralizer — the Paderno World Cuisine Spiralizer Pro — in the dishwasher. Most spiralizers out there are dishwasher-friendly, and while there are some concerns about decreasing the longevity of your gadget, this is definitely the easiest option for getting that noodle-maker clean.

3. Use a bristle scrub brush.

If you’ve ever tried to clean a spiralizer, you’ll know that a sponge is not going to do the trick. Not only will it not get those hard-to-reach bits out of the blade, but a sponge also puts your fingers dangerously close to very sharp objects.

Instead, try a scrub brush with a handle. “This allows you to efficiently clean the holes of the blades and all the plastic components with ease,” says Paderno USA’s Brittany Smith. “All that is required is a quick brushing with hot, soapy water.”

We also like OXO’s Soap Dispensing Palm Brush, which fits neatly in your hand and has bristles that can fit into the “teeth” of your spiralizer to get any lingering veggies loose.

What are your best spiralizer cleaning tips? Share in the comments!