3 Tips for the Crispiest Roasted Brussels Sprouts

Cider-Glazed Brussels Sprouts and Bacon(Image credit: Lauren Volo)

I’m a very strong believer that there is no better way to cook Brussels sprouts than by roasting them in the oven. From the deeply browned, caramelized surface to the lacy, crisp, lightly charred leaves, it really brings out the best in these brassicas.

Think you have roasted Brussels sprouts mastered? Here are three simple steps to make the crispiest, most delicious roasted Brussels sprouts every single time.

1. Halve them for more seared surface area.

Just say no to roasting Brussels sprouts whole. Regardless of size, always start by cutting Brussels sprouts in half from stem to tip. This creates more surface area, which means more crispiness in every bite.

Smoky Roasted Brussels Sprouts and Kielbasa(Image credit: Christine Han)

2. Start with a sizzling hot pan.

Don’t just preheat the oven — preheat your sheet pan, too. Slide the sheet pan in the oven right after setting the temperature. Once the oven is heated, carefully remove the sheet pan, and place the oiled sprouts cut-side down (remember, more surface area equals more sear) on the hot pan. The sprouts will sizzle and start to sear right on contact.

3. Crank up the oven temperature.

Don’t be shy with the temperature dial on your oven. A high temperature is what you need to achieve those crave-worthy, crispy outer leaves and charred edges. We most often use 425°F in our recipes, although anywhere between 400°F and 450°F will get the job done.

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What do you do for extra-crispy roasted Brussel sprouts?