3 Steps for Building Your Own Travel Spice Kit

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For all the joys of travel, there’s also something about venturing into alien territory that can be rather daunting — especially if you’ve got a toddler in tow. And just as my daughter won’t go anywhere without her baby doll, I won’t go anywhere without my spice kit. It’s my security blanket; whether I’m cooking in an unfamiliar kitchen or just trying to spruce up the bland hotel oatmeal, bringing the flavors of home makes me feel more comfortable wherever I am, be it Goa, Wichita, or Edinburgh.

Unlike trying to haul your favorite cast iron skillet or waffle iron along, traveling with your favorite flavors is surprisingly easy. Ready to assemble your own spice kit? Here’s how to do it.

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1. Choose your spices.

First, select the spices you use most of the time — or meal-plan and choose accordingly. Salt (the flaky, finishing kind) and pepper always come in handy, but this is really about what you use in your everyday cooking or are planning to use in any specialty dishes you’ll be making on vacation.

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2. Gather your spices.

You can segment some of your own kitchen spice collection for your travel needs. Or, as more grocery stores are offering spice in bulk, you can purchase only what you need and start a new travel spice kit.

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3. Pack your spices.

To carry your on-the-go spice kit, you have a few options: You can use pill containers (those day-of-the-week one are particularly handy), plastic baggies, or screw-top containers. Just make sure everything is sealed tightly! It would be awful to smell like garlic powder or have your special-occasion dress accidentally covered in turmeric.

Just think how great it will be to visit a local farmers market, collect vibrant produce offerings, and then go back to your temporary kitchen to make a stand-out meal with all the spices you love.

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