3 Reasons Why I Eat Soup Out of Mugs

published Jan 4, 2017
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Soup in a mug! Is there anything cozier? Nope! Especially not soup in a bowl. It’s the season of soup and I find myself making (and eating) a lot of it at home. When it comes time to serve it, I almost always reach for a mug instead of a bowl. Why would I do such a silly thing? Well, I have three good reasons.

1. Mugs are easy to cozy up with.

My husband and I eat most of this soup in front of a fire — on the couch. If our soup is in a mug, we can sit back (way deep in the couch cushions) and bring our soups with us. The built-in handles help us keep a good grip and I feel way more comfortable and in control than I would with a bowl. (A full bowl and a light gray couch just seems like an accident waiting to happen!) Plus, I can wrap my always-cold hands around the mug for extra warmth.

2. The soup stays hotter longer.

I’m no scientist, but I think there are some real facts that’ll back me up here. Soup in a mug has less surface area at the top than soup in a bowl, which means there’s less opportunity for the heat to escape. At least it certainly seems that way. My mugs are also a lot thicker than my bowls, so that insulation has to help too.

3. Mugs make it easy to drink the broth.

Clear, broth-y soups just beg to be slurped directly from the vessel. And because mugs are made for, you know, sipping, the task is pretty easy to do from a mug. Drinking from a bowl is a little more difficult and, depending on who you’re with, might be a little discouraged. Of course, creamier soups are less drinkable, but you’ll always have the option if it’s in a mug.

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How do you eat your soup — in a bowl or mug?