3 Important Pointers from This Pretty Pantry

(Image credit: Erika Bierman )

Try saying that five times fast. But in all seriousness, if you love the way your pantry looks and feels, you’re guaranteed to keep it organized and in its best working condition. We swear! Here are a few smart design tips — inspired by this gorgeous pantry from Charmean Neithart Interiors — that will ensure you love looking or stepping into your pantry.

1. Get playful with the walls.

Pantries don’t have to be boring black holes of shelves. Whether you use a pretty paint color, stencils, or wallpaper (like they did here), do something to make the walls bright and fun. You don’t even need to choose something that matches the rest of your kitchen, so think out of the box and do something unexpected. It will put a smile on your face every time you grab an ingredient.

2. Make sure you’ve got lighting.

You organized your pantry! Put a spotlight on it! You know, so you can actually see what’s inside. If you’ve got electrical wiring to the space, have fun choosing a beautiful light fixture or even a mini chandelier. If that’s not an option, a stick-on, battery-powered LED light will provide just the right amount of long-lasting brightness, too.

3. Don’t overstuff your shelves.

Granted, these shelves are probably too sparse to be practical, but you get our point here, right? It’s so easy to jam stuff onto the shelves and fill every inch, even stacking cans on top of cans. When you do that, you basically end up having nothing in your pantry. If you can’t see that jar of sauce, you’ll go out and buy another jar. That’s a waste of time, money, and food! Keep your shelves full — but not too full — and you’ll always be able to see what you have on hand.

Steal the look with the same wallpaper: Contemporary Light Blue Paper from Kravet

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