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3 Parents Share Amusingly Relatable Stories of Trying to Raise Foodies

published Mar 28, 2024
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Introducing little ones to new foods is never boring. Sometimes you hit the jackpot, and their faces light up at the taste of roasted broccoli or fried shrimp. Sometimes, not so much. One day may be a yes and the next day a no, but every day is an adventure — and we promise, it all pays off.

Consistently introducing your little ones to different flavors and textures expands their developing palates and builds their budding appetites. Plum Organics helps broaden those edible horizons, with food and snacks for babies and tots that highlight interesting flavors, textures, and ingredient combos. Plum understands that taste buds in training need a little help sometimes, and that opening up your child’s appetite goes way farther than food.

Will there still be “buttered noodle” days? Of course! Even the most curious toddlers and the best-intentioned parents hit some amusing speed bumps on the way to adventurous eating — as our very own staffers from The Kitchn share below. But hey, there’s always tomorrow!

Credit: Plum Organics

Reframing Can Change Everything

“Having spent almost 15 years in advertising, this mom is always down for a good rebrand,” says Kelsey, Senior Director of Brand Partnerships. “My two-year-old often says ‘yuck’ before she even tries something. One day, I was making salmon for the rest of the family and was frustrated thinking I had to make her a separate meal. All of a sudden I thought, ‘Her favorite color is pink. What if I just call it pink fish and tell her I made it special for her?’ Spoiler alert: She loved it. Now we eat Spidey Spaghetti Squash, Princess Peas, and Bluey’s Berries.”

We love how Kelsey used something that she knew her daughter liked to introduce her to something new. And it doesn’t only work with colors! Plum Organics uses the same principle with pouches like the Tots Mighty 4 Strawberry, Banana, Greek Yogurt, Kale, Amaranth + Oat. With a balance of sweet, savory, and sour, it uses tot-approved flavors like strawberry and banana to introduce them to new textures and flavors, like kale and amaranth.

Credit: Plum Organics

Every Baby — and Every Day — Is Different

“My first baby was a champion eater, loved restaurants, and ate small portions of our grownup meals,” says Anna, Executive Creative Director. “So naturally, I thought I really knew what I was doing with this whole ‘parenting’ thing. Then I had two more kids and found that I have zero control over what they eat. One week they LOVE broccoli, the next they throw it across the room. Sometimes they’ll inhale a serving of carrots, but then the next time, they don’t even want it on their plates. I know someday they’ll eat a full spectrum of food like their big sister, but right now they only consistently eat foods that are white or brown!”

The good news is that if they enjoyed a food (like carrots) once, they’ll probably enjoy it again. Switching up how you serve an ingredient will help your toddler understand that the same food can come in many different forms, flavors, and even colors! Options like Plum Organics Pear, Purple Carrot, and Blueberry will expand their palates with new colors and textures, plus a couple of complementary flavors.

Credit: Plum Organics

It’s OK to Play Favorites

“On the plus side, Solomon has never been afraid to try things,” says Senior Product Designer Henry. “The biggest problem is actually getting him to sit down and just eat his meal instead of jibber-jabbering or getting distracted. But he loves cheeseburgers. He will get one whenever he can and will actually eat it without interruption. When I told this to my mom — who always urged me and my siblings to eat vegetables and try this and try that — she said, ‘Then why don’t you give him a cheeseburger every night?'”

Far be it from us to argue with Grandma — besides, she has a point. Nightly cheeseburgers aside, pairing a known favorite with a new side dish is a great way to increase tots’ curiosity about trying flavors and textures. Having a tried-and-true main course takes the pressure off, and adding in a Plum Organics pouch like Pear, Cherry, Blackberry, Strawberry, Black Bean, Spinach, and Oat can deliver several new flavors and textures at once. A little sweet, a little savory, and a lot of soon-to-be favorite foods!

Credit: Plum Organics