3 of the Most Organized Kitchen Command Centers We’ve Ever Seen

(Image credit: Better Homes & Gardens)

When you have kids, keeping everyone (and all their stuff) organized can feel like a full-time job. Between grocery shopping, appointments, after-school activities, permission slips, and art projects, there’s a serious need for a landing zone for all that stuff. If you’re not careful, that landing zone might just turn out to be your kitchen island.

The solution? Craft up a clever “command center” that has a place for everything so you stay organized and on top of things from the start. Take inspiration from one of these ingenious (homemade!) solutions.

1. Create an inbox for everyone.

Keep school clutter at bay with separate organizers per child, as seen above in Better Homes & Gardens. Think of it as creating an “inbox” for each kiddo — a place for their artwork, homework, library books, and more to land before they start clogging up the kitchen or other parts of your home. A chalkboard atop it all is a great place for last-minute reminders or messages before everyone heads out the door.

(Image credit: Iron & Twine)

2. When in doubt, IKEA is always the answer.

Documented on her blog, Iron & Twine, Michelle Cannon Smith transformed a few of IKEA’s ever-popular Expedit shelves into a dynamic organizational system. She piled the shelves high with baskets, binders, and file folders and even painted a chalkboard on a front-facing portion of the shelves for instructions and reminders.

Want to create a similar look? Any open-shelving unit will suffice, and be sure to choose baskets that you can label the fronts of (for things like outerwear accessories, lunch boxes, and more) so little ones know exactly where things get put away.

(Image credit: Love Create Celebrate)

3. Make use of awkward spaces — and magnets!

Lindi, from the blog Love Create Celebrate, focused on function when creating her at-home kitchen command center in an empty spot next to her refrigerator. The first order of business? An ingenious magnetic chalkboard she made from sheet metal and chalkboard paint.

From there, she attached goodies like metal envelopes, clip boards, pencil racks, and more, completing the look with a wooden tray at its base. There are spots for “in” and “out” mail, a weekly calendar, and a more detailed weekly planner, ensuring the days run smoothly for the whole family.

How do you keep your family organized?