3 of the Most Organized Baking Areas We've Ever Seen — And What We Can All Learn from Them

3 of the Most Organized Baking Areas We've Ever Seen — And What We Can All Learn from Them

(Image credit: Bakerella)

For many people, baking is a passion — one that comes with a whole collection of rules, tools, and accessories you can use to turn humble ingredients like flour, baking soda, and sugar into delicious confections of every shape and size. Of course, the problem with tools and accessories — and dry goods, too — is that you've got to find some place to store them and a way to organize them that's logical and useful to you so you're not hunting for some arcane ingredient during a crucial step in a recipe.

That's why I love these organized baking areas. Using three different areas in the kitchen, they all make the most of the space they're in. Here are my top takeaways from three of the most organized baking areas we've ever seen.

(Image credit: Bakerella)

1. Bakerella's Walk-in Pantry

While you'd expect nothing less from the woman who's credited with popularizing the cake pop, it actually took Angie from Bakerella more than a year of living in her space to finally tackle her pantry. She always had a walk-in pantry, but it wasn't set up well. At one point, the room was so crowded, she could barely walk into the space! Eventually, she turned the space into a candy-colored fun spot to "shop" for baking supplies. Here are my top takeaways from this amazing space.

(Image credit: Bakerella)
  1. Incorporate a palette you love. If you love color, bring it into the space! Here, bright bins and all her supplies (the wrappers, sprinkles, and straws) fill the pantry with fun.
  2. Group like with like. All the cookie cutters here, candy there, cake stands in that spot — you'll know exactly where to look.
  3. Utilize bins and cabinets. These turn shelves into drawers to corral smaller items and use every vertical inch.
  4. Clear jars are winners, too. Especially for small-scale, colorful items that are worth displaying.
  5. Store sprinkles upside down. Have you ever seen this before? It's ingenious, because the bottoms are clear and you can see exactly what's in there!

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(Image credit: A Bowl Full of Lemons)

2. An Organized Cabinet from A Bowl Full of Lemons

Most bakers store their tools in a pantry or an upper cabinet, which is what makes this organized spot from Toni at A Bowl Full of Lemons so unique: It's in a base cabinet. Especially these days when it's a trend to replace upper cabinets with open shelving or nothing at all, it's important to be smart about your lower cabinets. Of course, Toni's baking cabinet is pretty smart — and pretty. Here are my top five takeaways.

  1. Use every inch of space. Yes, that includes the inside of the cabinet doors — adhesive hooks are inexpensive and create extra storage space.
  2. Store all your baking stuff together. Store your bowls and blender attachments next to your dry goods. These are often in two different parts of the kitchen, which wastes time when you're gathering supplies.
  3. Invest in matching containers. I love to upcycle random containers, but there's something just so tidy about a set that matches! Plus, they line up perfectly inside a drawer.
  4. Drawers are key. The pull-out drawer is a huge help to access the whole cabinet. The bin she uses to hold all her mixer attachments also technically works as a drawer, and that makes it easy to pull things out and sort through.
  5. Label the tops! Here, labeling the sides of her canisters would have been useless, but a neatly typed label on each lid is perfect.

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(Image credit: Two Twenty One)

3. A Tool Cabinet from Two Twenty One

The smallest of the three spaces, this quick and clever redo of a baking cabinet was the answer to a common baker's dilemma: Chelsea from Two Twenty One was tired of being attacked by measuring tools and baking equipment every time she opened her cabinet doors. By adding a bunch of hooks, she got everything corralled and visible, making this upper cabinet a great spot to grab anything for her baking needs. Here are my top takeaways.

  1. Use every surface. As in, the back of the cabinet, the side of the cabinet, and the inside of the door — they're all yours for the organizing.
  2. When things won't stack, hang. Adhesive hooks are your friend for small, oddly shaped items that don't stack neatly, like mixer attachments and measuring tools.
  3. Mind your sight lines. The best place to hang stuff is where you can see it, as in, on the lowest shelf. If you have to stand on a stool to see what's hanging, it's no good for you.
  4. Stash lighter, bigger things up top. Big stuff is easy to see — even without a step stool. Just make sure it's light stuff (think: bowls and tea kettles, not stand mixers and blenders).
  5. Group like with like. Mixing bowls together, measuring tools near each other — don't waste time hunting between shelves if you don't have to.

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Do you have any other tips for organizing all your baking gear?

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