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3 of Our Favorite Food Bloggers Share Their Spring Cleaning Routines

updated Apr 5, 2021
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Credit: Amy Palanjian

There’s no ritual like spring cleaning: a chance to bring your home out of hibernation and start anew as the seasons change. We love it so much that we even run a 20-day guided project over on Apartment Therapy, the Spring Cleaning Cure, to help make your home feel fresher. But we know not everyone gets so excited about…chores. So, we asked three popular food bloggers who did this year’s Cure to tell us how it went. And don’t worry: Whether or not you’re following a plan, you can still feel the satisfied glow of a house well-cleaned.

Credit: Becky Hardin

Becky Hardin, The Cookie Rookie

As a busy mom and the brains behind popular recipe site The Cookie Rookie, Becky Hardin is a pro at multitasking quick and easy solutions. On Day 8 of the Spring Cleaning Cure, she tried a 10-minute bathroom counter refresh designed to offer a big impact without a ton of scrubbing and spraying.

On the assignment: “I’ve always dreaded cleaning bathrooms. But it all comes down to the right products and keeping things clean a little at a time. I learned that just 10 minutes a day spent wiping down your vanity and clearing clutter can make all the difference. I love the feeling when things are neat and tidy, and I love it even more when accomplishing that goal is quick and easy.”

On the cleaning: “The Libman Power Scrub Dots Sponge is the real deal! It easily got makeup stains off that had been there longer than I’d like to admit! And the Libman Microfiber Cloth has been my favorite since I discovered it earlier this year. We use it from everything from dusting our TV to wiping baseboards. It was perfect for quickly dusting out drawers while putting things away in the vanity.”

Credit: Amy Palanjian

Amy Palanjian, Yummy Toddler Food

Mom-of-two Amy Palanjian creates kid-approved recipes at Yummy Toddler Food, which means that her kitchen is always cooking. She took on Day 5 of the Spring Cleaning Cure to give a little extra love to the unsung hero of the busiest room in her house: the kitchen garbage can.

On the assignment: “It had never occurred to me to clean my garbage can, but now I do it weekly. It’s so satisfying to make it sparkling clean…and to get all of the crumbs out from under it! It was such a simple task that made the whole room feel cleaner. It’s nice to know that with just a few minutes of work I can keep a surface we all touch numerous times a day clean.”

On the cleaning: “I love how strong the bristles are on the Libman Tile & Grout Brush. It helped me easily clean around the bottom of the trash can where grime had built up. And the Freedom Spray Mop is my favorite. It’s lightweight and easy to maneuver into the corners of the closet where we keep our trash can. It also makes it so easy to clean the variety of drip marks, splatters, and — let’s be honest — stickers that wind up on my floor from daily life with kids.”

Credit: Naomi Robinson

Naomi Robinson, Bakers Royale

Cookbook author and professional sweet tooth Naomi Robinson creates delicious recipes at Bakers Royale. She took a timeout from the hustle to give her bedroom some focused attention for Day 16 of the Spring Cleaning Cure: an ingenious way to dust your bedroom without creating more of a mess.

On the assignment: “It gave me the structure I needed to spring clean with intention and focus. A plan of attack means a cleaning sessions that moves seamlessly from one task to another: like making sure to declutter first, then clean from top to bottom rather than starting with what’s in my immediate reach. While spring cleaning is not my favorite chore, I do love a clean room free of clutter and dust. It keeps my allergies in check, and of course, means less stress.” 

On the cleaning: “The Libman Flexible Microfiber Duster is an absolute game changer! The 7’ foot extension means I can reach the ceiling fan and the tops of windows without a big heavy ladder, and it catches the dust rather than agitating it into the air. It’s cut my cleaning time by 30 percent since I don’t have to go over an area again and again to pick up resettled dust. It’s become a cleaning necessity that I can’t do without.”