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3 Easy Ideas for Twix Halloween ‘Costumes’

published Oct 24, 2019
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Credit: Creative Studio

Shocking confession: We were the kids who always got in trouble for playing with their food. But now that we’re grown-ups, there’s no one to stop us and it’s actually part of our job, which is all to say that, why yes, we did dress up our Halloween candy.

Candy costumes are a fun edible craft project for Halloween and make great gifts and party snacks. They’re also super easy! We started with the star of our trick-or-treat bags: TWIX®. And because Left TWIX® and Right TWIX® are two totally different treats—they’re made in different factories and everything—each had to get its own, totally different costume. Otherwise how would you tell them apart? It’d be Halloween chaos!

Here’s how we did it:

Credit: Creative Studio

Ghost and Ghoul

The Left fun-size TWIX® is a ghost while the Right one is a ghoul. Their costumes thankfully have similar methods, but the results are totally different.

  • Roll 2 tablespoons of marzipan to 1/8-inch thick. Cut out the “sheet” with a 3-inch fluted cutter. Using a pastry tip (we used a number-12), cut out holes for eyes.
  • For the eyeballs, add a dot of melted white chocolate with a dot of regular melted chocolate on top (use a toothpick or paintbrush).
Credit: Creative Studio

Vampire and Dracula

Could these two look less alike? But as you can see, the Left fun-size TWIX® is a vampire while the Right one is Dracula. Spooky!

  • For the cape: Cut a fruit roll-up into a 2-inch-by-2 inch square and wrap it around the candy bar, securing with melted chocolate. Use strawberry licorice lace to make the bow, securing with melted chocolate. Paint melted white chocolate horns and fangs
  • For eyeballs: Same as the Ghost. (Which is the same as the Ghoul.)
Credit: Creative Studio

Spider and Black Widow

You can recognize the black widow, right? Hint: It’s the Right mini-size TWIX®. (The Left TWIX® is just your garden-variety spider.)

  • For the body and legs: Cut 8 1-inch legs of black licorice. Use candy melt for the belly and melted chocolate as the glue to secure both.
  • Eyeballs: See above.