3 Easy DIY Garlands for Your Food-Lover’s Christmas Tree

(Image credit: Lauren Volo and Susanna Hopler)

Not feeling the tinsel garland this year? Perhaps we can interest you in one of these food-themed garlands, instead? They’re all made with supplies from the kitchen.

1. Paper Straw Garland

Paper straws are basically lightweight beads. And now that they’re available in so many festive colors and patterns, why wouldn’t you want to turn them into garland?

To make, use scissors to cut straws into quarters. Then, simply thread twine through the straw pieces. If you’re having trouble getting the twine all the way through the straws, try wrapping the end of the string in tape, so that it’s a little heavier and easier to feed through. Once you’ve made your garland the length you want (we used two packs of 20 straws for our five-foot tree), tie both ends of the string to extra pieces of straw and you’re ready to hang.

2. Cupcake Liner Garland

You don’t even need to turn on the oven to make this cupcake-inspired garland. Get started by flattening cupcake liners and folding them in half, one at time. Then, slide a wrapper over a length of twine, add some multi-purpose glue to one side of the wrapper (a little bit along the outer edge is all you need), and press firmly to seal the sides together. Repeat until your garland reaches the desired length. This project takes way less time than you’d think. Promise!

3. Cookie Cutter Garland

If you’re a total cookie nut, this garland was practically made for you. Well, not really because you’ll have to make it yourself, but that’s super easy to do.

First, gather all the seasonal cookie cutters you have (candy canes, stars, snowflakes, gingerbread men — they all work!). Plastic ones will be less expensive, lighter, and easier to hang than metal ones, but you can use a mix and that will help. Cut some yarn down to a bunch of five- or eight-inch pieces (the length is up to you and you’ll need two pieces of yarn for every cookie cutter). Then, get to work tying the cookie cutters together with the pieces of yarn. When it’s time to hang on the tree, you can drape the string on the branches and even pull the branches through the cookie cutters for extra support.

Some useful sites if you need a few supplies:

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