3 Clothing Stores with Surprisingly Awesome Stuff for Your Kitchen

updated May 1, 2019
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(Image credit: Zara Home)

When you think of shopping for new sweaters and fall coats, you probably don’t think about also picking up serving pieces, dishes, and table linens, right? Well, maybe you should! Some clothing retailers known for trendy fashion picks are totally on point when it comes to home decor items, too.

Keep reading to see which stores we’re talking about — and some must-have picks from each one.

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Blue Textured Earthenware Tableware, from $10 (Image credit: Zara)

1. Zara

A Spanish company, Zara is known for having its finger on the pulse of trends and pumping out easy-to-wear piece that become closet staples. The good news: Zara Home is exactly the same, with pieces that look way more expensive than they are.

  • Blue Textured Earthenware Tableware, from $10: Earthenware dinner plates featuring ocean blue stripes are the perfect addition to an al fresco, adults-only dinner party.
  • Triple Print Cotton Tablecloth, $30: The print on this beautiful pastel-hued tablecloth looks so hand-dyed and original, friends may assume you made it yourself or snagged it at some flea market during an exotic vacation. Don’t correct them.
  • Rectangular Tray, $50: This gold and glass tray is the staple you need for your home. Use it to corral gourmet oils and salts on your counter, or pull it out while you’re hosting for a beautiful way to serve up appetizers or mini desserts.
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Wooden Salad Servers, $13 (Image credit: H&M Home)

2. H&M

If you’re looking to add a little edge to your wardrobe, you’d probably head to H&M to try out a few gutsy trends on a budget that can’t be beat. H&M Home items evoke that same of-the-moment feel that will have your friends asking you, “Where’d you get that?”

  • Wooden Salad Servers, $13: A sleek black metal handle on these serving utensils means they’ll look just as good dishing out a delicious salad as they do stored on your counter in a utensil crock.
  • Cotton Seat Cushion, $18: Put one of these cute chair cushions on every seat around your table and people will linger long after dessert is finished.
  • Patterned Plate, $6: These gilded porcelain plates are pretty darn dramatic. Then again, so is the cake you’ll make to serve on them.
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3. Urban Outfitters

The coolest kid on the block, Urban Outfitters has a cheeky personality unmatched by any other store. And the company is launching a big push on UO Home, which capitalizes on a lot of the same zeitgeist-y moments as the clothing and accessories do (think: millennial pink and holographic metallics).

  • Tub Dish Drying Rack, $20: Okay, this dish drying rack is the cutest thing we’ve ever seen. The modern shape and sweet mint shade make it stand out from the pack.
  • Rainbow Coupe Glass, $39 for two: We’re giving these rainbow coups a big ol’ yes please. They’d look pretty great with a watermelon mint frosé in them.
  • 12-pc Flatware Set, $20: Even a late-night cereal binge tastes gourmet when eaten with bright-pink flatware.

Have you scored any great kitchen finds at any of these stores? Tell us about them in the comments.