3 Clever Bottle Openers That Make Great Gifts

The gifting season is behind us, but it’s always smart to have something on hand. After all, who knows when you’ll be invited to a last-minute housewarming party or potluck dinner! I always think interesting bottle openers make a wonderful and inexpensive gift for these occasions.

Here are three design-forward options that are particularly chic.

(Image credit: Poketo)

This solid brass bottle opener reminds me of a napkin ring or a ferris wheel of some sort. It’s the perfect classy addition to a well-styled bar. I definitely wouldn’t mind having this sit out with my bar tools.

I’m a huge fan of copper in the kitchen and bar area, and I’m not alone — it’s a trend that doesn’t seem to be going anywhere. But possibly my favorite thing about this simple bottle opener is the price. It’s a completely affordable gift that looks more expensive than it is.

I was actually gifted this punny bottle opener over the holidays, and I absolutely love it. It’s always a conversation starter when I have people over to my apartment.