29 Things in Your Kitchen You Can Get Rid Of

published Dec 19, 2017
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It’s easy to assume that many of the items in our kitchens are necessities. But a closer look almost always reveals that the heart of our home could use some paring down. The rewards of stripping down to the actual necessities are especially great when done in this highly utilitarian room because you’ll reap the benefits of a much more efficient food prep space.

Here are some items to extricate from your valuable kitchen storage space that — I promise — you’ll never miss.

Finding it hard to let go?

If you find that things like chipped mugs and extra whisks are hard to get rid of, you might benefit from a little introspection. Sit down and figure out exactly why you feel pressed to hang on to needless things. If it’s an emotional attachment, consider taking photos of the thing before you pass it on. Or, if you’re the “maybe I’ll use it one day” type, this post (and the comment section) might help you be more selective when you’re trying to pare down.

29 Things in Your Kitchen You Can Get Rid Of

  1. Takeout menus
  2. Sugar packets
  3. Parmesan cheese and red pepper packets from pizza deliveries
  4. Decorative bottles of herb-infused olive oil
  5. Duplicate salad tongs
  6. All but one each of large, medium, and small spatulas
  7. Half-used candles
  8. Magnets you’re intending to fix
  9. Advertising magnets
  10. Kids’ meal toys, including character cups
  11. Extra napkins you picked up from the burger joint
  12. Ketchup packets
  13. Chipped mugs
  14. Aunt Jane’s highball glasses that you never, ever get down from the top shelf
  15. The George Foreman grill you’ve used twice in the history of your decade-long marriage
  16. Anything more than four hot pads
  17. Stained or holey dish towels
  18. All but five of the nice glass jar food containers and lids you’ve been hoarding
  19. The serving platter that you never liked but kept because it was a gift
  20. Takeout chopsticks
  21. Extra whisks
  22. Duplicate ice cream scoops
  23. The cheese slicer
  24. Old water bottles that you never reach for
  25. Tupperware without lids
  26. Lids without tupperware
  27. Duplicate can openers.
  28. Duplicate garlic presses
  29. Baby utensils you no longer need

This post originally ran on Apartment Therapy. See it there: 29 Things to Get Rid of in the Kitchen (That You Won’t Miss)

Any of these things hanging out in your kitchen right now? If you felt inspired to slim down stuff in your kitchen, get to it — then, come back and tell us what you got rid of.