25 Slow Cooker Recipes with 10 Ingredients or Fewer

(Image credit: Maria Siriano)

The slow cooker’s charm is that it delivers meals without much effort on your part. Toss a bunch of ingredients inside and let it do its thing while you go to work or run errands or go have fun with your day. You may think that the ingredient list has to be long, however, in order for the end result to be as tasty as it can be, but that’s hardly the case. These 25 recipes call for 10 ingredients or fewer and result in seriously winning meals. This is slow cooking, the minimalist way.

Mains Starring Chicken and Turkey

The slow cooker is a great tool for making chicken and turkey dishes that are far from dry and boring. The majority of the ingredients in these dishes are in the service of one amazing sauce.

Slow Cooker Coconut and Green Curry Pork(Image credit: Lauren Volo)

Mains Starring Pork and Beef

The slow cooker is also great for cuts of meat like pork shoulder and brisket that need low-and-slow cooking to become tender and juicy.

Slow Cooker Ratatouille(Image credit: Diana Yen)

Satisfying Vegetarian Dinners

Beyond meat, let the slow cooker make hearty vegetarian dinners for meatless Monday or really any night of the week.

Slow Cooker Queso Dip(Image credit: Brie Passano)

Snacks, Sides, and Sweets

Dinner is just the beginning with the slow cooker. A few ingredients tossed inside can delivery you snacks, side dishes, and desserts without fuss.