21 Recipes to Make You Feel Like a Mad Scientist in the Kitchen

21 Recipes to Make You Feel Like a Mad Scientist in the Kitchen

Ariel Knutson
Apr 13, 2015

Whether you know it or not, if you're an avid cook and like experimenting in the kitchen, you're also a secret mad scientist. A simple dinner salad may not require a white lab coat, but the simple secrets of a proper vinaigrette get their magic from the wonders of science.

From two-ingredient Nutella brownies, blueberry pie overnight oats, and bread that you can make in the slow cooker, here are 21 recipes that will make you feel just a little bit like a mad scientist in the kitchen, cooking up sweet miracles.

There are many way to feel like you're creating something exciting and science-y in the kitchen. Take, for example, one-ingredient banana ice cream — who knew that if you freeze bananas and blend them they would have a similar consistency to your favorite dairy treat? Or what about yogurt breakfast popsicles — who would ever know you weren't eating something sweet before noon?

My personal favorite of these recipes, however, is the cauliflower rice trick — have you tried it? You essentially run a head of cauliflower through the food processor and it creates a grain-like substance. It's perfect for adding to salads or making "fried rice." You'll feel like a genius when you bust that out at your next dinner party.

21 Mad Scientist Recipes

Recipes That Are Astonishingly Easy

Recipes with Crazy Combinations

Recipes That Are Sneaky in a Good Way

Recipes That Are Tiny Miracles

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