21 Important Things We’ve Learned About Food from Mindy Kaling’s Instagram

(Image credit: Mindy Kaling on Instagram)

If you follow Mindy Kaling on Instagram, you know she posts plenty of photos about fashion and beauty. There are a lot of beautiful dresses for award shows, and on-point makeup looks for her TV show, The Mindy Project. She’s fabulous and funny – a woman after my own heart. What you might miss, however, is that this actress, comedian, and writer has a lot to share about food as well.

From the never-ending glory that is having your first bite of avocado toast, to the three food groups (sour gummies, Twizzlers, and Sriracha), here are the 21 things you can learn about food by following Mindy Kaling on Instagram.

1.[Above] If you haven’t had avocado toast, you’re not really living.

Sour straws vs. chocolate shell. Sophie’s choice at age of ultron. I mean, THIS IS THE MOVIE

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2. The hardest decisions of your life come down to what snacks you take to the movie theater.

Sunday miracle. The only starbursts left are red and pink, the two best flavors! Whoa

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3. Happiness is a bowl of your favorite color Starbursts (pink, duh).

4. Being successful means having your own burger collaboration.

5. Food is always the silver lining.

The best s’mores ingredient plate of all time

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6. The secret to making anything taste better is more chocolate.

7. Pretending to not like taking photos of your food is the new taking photos of food.

No new friends

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8. Frozen yogurt > friends.

9. The best gift you could ever give someone is a tower of ice cream.

10. All the cool kids are turning vegetables into noodles.

My delicious but incredibly on-the-nose breakfast

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11. Every breakfast should come with one of those miniature Nutella packets.

Lot of instas about the meal; very few about the dishes. As a photographer I’m into subversive stuff like this

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12. Dirty dishes are to food, as negative space is to art.

13. Peanut butter and jelly on yogurt is actually the best thing ever.

Trash pies

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14. When someone asks you what pie you want for Thanksgiving, the answer is always “all of the pies.”

15. The smallest ingredients can make an impact.

Fried eggs are the most beautiful ugly thing in the world

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16. Eggs are basically the most perfect thing.

17. People will look past your flaws if you make really, really good pie.

I grilled us English muffin cheeseburgers, it was a triumph 🍔

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18. English muffin cheeseburgers are the most important thing next to photos of pluto.

The three food groups

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19. Make sure you’re hitting all the major food groups every day.

I hate it, I hate this life

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20. Green smoothies are a necessary part of life, sorry.

Life imitating art, or something. Here’s the deal guys, this is my awesome new phone case

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21. Surround yourself with beautiful things (food, obviously).