2014 Kitchen Resolution: Eliminate This Cabinet Disaster

2014 Kitchen Resolution: Eliminate This Cabinet Disaster

Kate Gagnon
Jan 8, 2014
(Image credit: Kate Gagnon)

I know what you're thinking. How can there possibly be an area of my kitchen that looks like this? It's like a Tupperware bomb went off in here! I'm always whining about the challenges of working in a tiny New York City kitchen the size of a cabinet inside a person's walk in closet, and here I am wasting this kind of space? Despicable!

Kitchen resolution #1 for 2014: Somehow, some way, organize this nonsense.

Admit it, at one point or another you've totally had this cabinet or drawer in your kitchen. It's the free-for-all zone where anything goes. If it's low down and annoying to access like mine, you open the cabinet and toss things in like you're never going to see them again (hint: you're not). If it's higher up, you open it on a code red high alert, taking care to shield your face from a likely avalanche of plastic takeout containers you've been meaning to throw out since 2009. The lids of old salsa jars you told yourself you'd repurpose as inexpensive, rustic flower centerpieces at a dinner party have seemingly multiplied on their own, and where did all these butter dishes come from?

Sure, organization in a small kitchen is no small feat, but finding a sensible home for things in any kitchen can be tricky. For those of us on a tight budget, it can be tough to justify often expensive organization solutions. On top of it all, many solutions look gorgeous in store but fail to accommodate the rag-tag, mismatched selection of crazy gadgets in my kitchen. Maybe we'll have that spotless Martha Stewart soundstage kitchen one day, but for now I'm on the hunt for easy to implement, flexible solutions in my rental kitchen.

All right all you better organized readers, what are your favorite under-cabinet organization solutions? Here's a whole bunch of good stuff from the archives:

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