2009’s Food Predictions and How To Stock a Vegan Pantry

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

A year ago this week we had our food predictions for 2009 (how did we do, in hindsight?) as well as what to do with leftover citrus peels, recipes for yummy and lighter things like turkey meatballs over greens, and a whole roundup of bright orange kitchens. Read on for these posts and more from this time last year.

Posts in bold are pictured above, left to right and top to bottom.

• Major food crush: Quince.

• A bowl to slow down your greedy pup.

• Do you know what labneh is?

• A pumpkin casserole!

• Lots and lots of orange kitchens, plus a bright primary-colored kitchen in Los Angeles.

• Things to do with leftover citrus peels.

• Decorate the table with things from your yard.

• All about icebox cookies.

• How to stock a vegetarian or vegan pantry.

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