25 Time-Saving Freezer Tips

25 Time-Saving Freezer Tips

Cambria Bold
Aug 14, 2012

When I first learned to freeze herbs in olive oil, it's like a lightbulb went off in my head. So easy! Such a time-saver! And a great way not to let food go to waste. In the spirit of that easy freezer-friendly tip, here are 24 more. So put that freezer to use! You'll thank yourself later.

Freezer-Friendly Baking and Treats
Freeze unbaked pies.
Freeze unbaked scone dough.
Freeze leftover snacks and treats for ice cream mix-ins.
Freeze orphaned cookie dough for later.
Freeze peanut butter and jelly sandwiches.
Also, freeze smoothie ingredients in muffin tins.

Freezer-Friendly Cooking Ingredients
Freeze and preserve fresh herbs in olive oil.
Freeze vegetable scraps for stock.
Freeze and thaw tomatoes to remove the skins.
Freeze citrus zest.
Freeze roasted garlic.
Freeze homemade stock in ice cube trays.
Also, freeze homemade stock in individual portions.
Freeze marinara in muffin tins.
Freeze caramelized onions.
Freeze extra baguettes.
Store nuts in the freezer.
Freeze leftover egg whites and yolks.
Freeze winter greens.
Freeze summer basil.
Freeze wine in ice cube trays.

Other Freezing Tips
Freeze your plastic wrap to make it static-free.
How to make your own frozen wraps.
How to make your own frozen pizzas.
A helpful tip for make-ahead-and-freeze casseroles.

As a reminder, not everything should be frozen. Check out the Do-Not-Freeze-These-Foods List.

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