20 Tools That Have Changed Our Kitchens

20 Tools That Have Changed Our Kitchens

Faith Durand
Mar 6, 2009

2009_03_05-Tools.jpgGourmet has a fascinating feature on their site right now: 20 tools and technologies that have changed our kitchens (and our cooking) since WWII. Here's a look at five of the more interesting inventions. Take a look at the whole list, too, and tell us what you think.

• 1 Plastic wrap has only been around since 1953. What did we do without it? It's interesting to think of it as something that has really changed our kitchens; it preserves, covers, and seals in a way we take for granted.

• 2 Air conditioning makes life bearable in hot climates (I lived in Orlando for five years and I know from experience). Think how hot kitchens must have been in the summers before AC! But have they become less friendly since its advent?

• 3 Silpat has brought artisan pastry-making and baking to the masses, argues Gourmet. It's still the most popular silicone product for the kitchen.

• 4 Dishwashers may be controversial (water-wasting, time-sucking extravagances, perhaps) but they are enormously popular. How have they changed how we cook?

• 5 The Internet has changed the way we cook! We wouldn't be writing this for you to read without the internet, so obviously we are fans. You?

Take a look through the whole list of 20 tools and technologies here:

• Read it: 20 Tools and Technologies That Changed the Way We Cook at Gourmet

...and tell us: what was left off, and is there anything you think doesn't belong here?

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(Images: Romulo Yanes for Gourmet)

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