30 Ways to Cook with Apple Cider Vinegar

updated Sep 9, 2021
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Apple cider vinegar (or ACV, if you prefer) is a light, subtly sweet vinegar made from — you guessed it — apples. Whether you’re drinking it straight or getting ready to pickle everything in sight, apple cider vinegar is truly a superstar pantry staple.

If your bottle has sat unused and unloved for too long, though, you probably just need some new ways to use it. You’re in luck! These 30 recipes all call on the tangy ingredient. Now the only question you have to answer is filtered or unfiltered?

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Honey Garlic Chicken
This juicy seared chicken coated in a sweet and sour honey-garlic glaze is an easy weeknight dinner the whole family will love.
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One-Pan Firecracker Salmon
While many recipes for skillet salmon start by cooking the fish skin-side down to give the skin a cracker-like crisp, this version takes a different approach. That’s because it’s all about the vibrant sauce.
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Spicy Chili Crisp Chicken Thighs
Tossing broccoli florets and red onion wedges onto the sheet pan with the spicy chicken thighs turns this recipe into a complete dinner.
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Whole30 Chili
Stirring in a bit of ACV at the end of cooking is a smart way to brighten up anything that's been prepared in a slow cooker, but especially this chili.
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Pulled Mushroom BBQ Sandwiches
A splash of apple cider lends signature BBQ tang to these surprisingly meaty vegetarian sandwiches.
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Instant Pot Chicken Adobo
This adobo boasts a two-to-one ratio of apple cider vinegar to soy sauce — the salty soy mellows the tanginess of the vinegar, which also becomes less potent as it cooks. Making the dish in the Instant Pot means the flavorful chicken is on the table in just 30 minutes.
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Fire Cider
When you first read through the recipe for fire cider, you'll probably find it a bit overwhelming and intimidating. It includes horseradish, garlic, and onion along with ginger, rosemary, and honey all in an apple cider vinegar base. But once you give this infusion a try (especially if you feel a spring cold coming on), we bet you'll be a believer in its soothing punch.
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Beet-Pickled Deviled Eggs
You'll add the apple cider vinegar to the beet brine to make these brilliantly colored deviled eggs. If you haven't tried this appetizer upgrade, you're missing out.
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Apple Cabbage Salad with Brown Sugar Cider Vinaigrette
Our favorite way to serve this fresh, cabbage-laden salad is alongside a bowl of hearty chili. The cider vinegar in the dressing helps cut through the rich flavors of the meat. If you put away your chili pot for the season, serve this alongside barbecue instead.
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Chickpea Waldorf Salad
How do you turn Waldorf salad into a full meal? By adding chickpeas, of course. The dressing has also taken a lighter turn in this recipe, swapping the mayo for plain yogurt and apple cider vinegar.
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Ginger Switchel
Like shrubs, this drinking vinegar has a long history. The most traditional version has apple cider vinegar, ginger, and a sweetener. We tested all kinds of sweeteners to see which worked best; in the end, it's up to you what kind of flavor profile you want.
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Instant Pot Beef Birria Tacos
This step-by-step guide will walk you through making the very best homemade beef birria, plus how to turn it into crispy quesatacos.
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Sardine Snacking Toasts
The apple cider vinegar comes into play in this recipe in the form of pickled red onions, which sit atop the sardine spread. For anyone who's a fan of sardines, you'll love this combo.
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Vegan Queso Dip
Just like nutritional yeast, you'll find plenty of apple cider vinegar in vegan cheese recipes to bring that sharp edge that's similar to cheddar. This vegan queso is no exception.
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Quinoa and Black Bean Salad with Citrus-Coriander Dressing
Apple cider vinegar is a no-brainer when it comes to making dressings for grain or green salads — especially when there are other fruits involved. It's a great base for other flavors, and has enough sweetness from the apples to not overpower more subtle notes the way white vinegar would.
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After-Dinner Turmeric Spritzer
Turmeric is one of the hottest ingredients at the moment. When you combine it with apple cider vinegar in this saturated drink, you're bound to feel colorful yourself. Of course, this will also help settle a too-full belly after a rich dinner.
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Sweet and Spicy Braised Cabbage
If you want to prepare cabbage, but don't want to do a slaw, try this pressure-cooker braised cabbage instead. With plenty of spice from cayenne pepper and red pepper flakes, you'll see the veggie in a whole new light.
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Cider Beans
Cookout season or not, it's worth making these beans. The key is using both apple cider vinegar and apple cider for a perfectly balanced sweet-and-sour flavor.
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Collard Green Slaw
Slaw isn't just for cabbage; you can use any number of greens in its place. This version, which has collards as a base, gets extra color from purple cabbage, carrots, and pomegranate seeds, and, of course, a dose of apple cider vinegar in the dressing.
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Sweet and Savory Tomato Jam
There are so many types of jams out there, but we're especially partial to this one made with savory tomato and tangy vinegar. It can be easily adapted with different spices depending on your preferences, and goes on everything from grilled cheese to crackers on a charcuterie plate.
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Curried Tofu Salad
In this vegan curried salad, the cider vinegar is used to plump up the raisins and then gets added into the mix to give the dressing some bite.
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Collards and Kimchi
This collards and kimchi dish proves that some mash-ups were meant to be. The apple cider vinegar here is used to deglaze the pan that the bacon (did we mention there's bacon?) and collards are cooked in.
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Easy Refrigerator Pickles
Making your own pickles couldn't be easier if you follow this quick guide. Don't hesitate to experiment with other vegetables beyond cucumbers, like zucchini, carrots, and radishes.
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Fast and Fancy Pork and Beans
Classic pork and beans can be made in just 30 minutes flat if you lean on canned beans to get the job done alongside flavorful ingredients like apple cider vinegar, molasses, and Worcestershire sauce.
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Tangy Cucumber Salad
The title of this recipe says it all. This is one of those salads you're sure to turn to time and time again whenever you need a simple side dish or satisfying potluck addition.
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Chunky Pork and Apple Stew
Both apple cider vinegar and hard apple cider are incorporated into this recipe to ensure it's full of rich and tangy apple flavor.
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Slow Cooker Pulled Pork
This extra-tender, juicy pork has so much potential once the slow cooker has done all the work. You can't go wrong with making tacos, adding it on salads, or simply piling it on a bun.
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Firecracker Chicken Thighs
Just like the takeout favorite, these firecracker chicken thighs are coated in a bright, sticky sauce that's sweet, tangy, and a little bit spicy.
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BBQ Meatballs
Bring the life to the party with these BBQ sauce-smothered cocktail meatballs.
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Churrasca con Chanchito, Pebre y Mayo al Ajo (The Ultimate Chilean Grilled Sandwich)
This grilled churrasca sandwich is inspired by traditional Chilean flavors and ingredients: spicy marinated pork, pebre (a fresh tomato salsa), and homemade garlic mayonnaise.
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