20 Inspiring Real-Life Birthday Party Themes for Kids

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

As fun as it is to throw a birthday party for an adult, it can never match up to the sheer joy and pleasure of creating a terrific bash for a kid. You can see that delight spilling over in the photos of these 20 parties — each one created for a lucky birthday kid. If you too are planning a birthday party for a child then you may find inspiration in one of these 20 themed parties. From a science lab, complete with dry ice, to a farm-themed lunch, to a pretty pink tea party — there are lots of inspiring parties here, all drawn from the party archive at our sister site Ohdeedoh. Take a peek!

Click through to each of these parties to see more photos and, in some cases, get links to even more photos and description at the parents’ blogs.

20 Themed Parties for Kids from Ohdeedoh

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