20 Ingredients You May Not Have Heard Of Or Known What To Do With: Until Now!

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Part of the joy of cooking is coming across a new ingredient and then learning exactly what you can do with it. If you’ve ever wondered about malted milk powder, prickly pears, quark cheese, or salad burnet, wonder no more. We have ingredient spotlights on all these below, plus many more. It’s time to get a little adventurous. Goose eggs? Argan oil? Svaneti salt? Bring it on!

• 6 Sorghum
• 7 Berbere
• 8 Peanut Flour
• 9 Dried Beancurd Sticks
• 10 Bee Pollen

• 11 Sucanat
• 12 Prickly Pears
• 13 Barhi Dates
• 14 Quark Cheese
• 15 Black Apricots

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