20 Impressively Organized Kitchen Drawers

updated May 4, 2022
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If you’ve jumped on the KonMari method bandwagon like several of us here at The Kitchn, you’ve probably gotten the itch to reorganize everything in your kitchen — including your drawers, which can be the hardest to tackle. Because you keep them closed and away from prying eyes, it’s easy to let them get a little bit messy.

To jumpstart your motivation to get those drawers in order once and for all, get inspired by these 20 wonderfully organized kitchen drawers.

  • DIY Dividers: We love this idea for mapping out your DIY wooden dividers with Jenga pieces first.
  • Lined Drawers: It’s amazing what a little contact paper can do to brighten your utensil drawer.
  • Clear Organizers: Using acrylic dividers allows you to see your drawer liners and prevents the drawer from feeling crowded.
  • Peg Board Plate Dividers: One of the easiest ways to organize (and reorganize) your dishes is in a drawer with pegboard dividers.
  • Chef’s Drawer: Perfect for next to the stove, this drawer keeps essentials close and off the counter.
  • Wide Drawers: When you have wide drawers, you can fit lots of different compartments and dividers to fit your gadget collection perfectly.
  • Layered Trays: For slightly deeper drawers, layer in multiple trays to expand your storage space.
  • Stainless Steel: These stainless steel dividers have adjustable sections so you can design your own drawers.
  • Bar Drawers: Think beyond the bar cart with this built-in bar setup.
  • Charging Drawer: You probably use your tech in your kitchen, so why not set up a dedicated place for your devices to charge?
  • Surround the Sink: Don’t let the space around your sink go to waste. This drawer is perfect for keeping all your cleaning supplies handy.
  • Diagonal Dividers: Make room for long utensils by installing dividers on a diagonal.
  • Tool Compartments: A drawer with perfectly designed cut-outs makes it easy to keep things organized.
  • Corner Drawers: Don’t let a corner go to waste. You can store all kinds of kitchen tools in these drawers.
  • Bakeware Drawers: Store your bakeware in vertical compartments to keep things organized and easy to access.