20 DIY Pantry Staples That Are Even Better than Store-Bought

updated May 1, 2019
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Think about some of the staples you keep in your pantry or fridge and use on a daily basis — peanut butter, marinara sauce, tomato paste, mayonnaise, granola, chicken (or vegetable) stock, spice blends. The list could go on and on. Have you tried to make these things yourself?

If not, you should! You might not always save time making these everyday items, but they’ll taste fresher, you’ll have fun making them, and it might even save you a little money. Here are 20 pantry staples that are easy to make at home, and in some cases even less expensive than the store-bought versions!

Homemade condiments like mayo and ketchup are a real treat. Every time I make them I always wonder why I don’t do it more often. For condiments and snacks you eat regularly, consider making your own. It’s easy, and in some cases less expensive that the packaged version.



The best thing about homemade flavored salts and spice blends is that you can customize them to suit your taste preference. And for that reason alone, a homemade blend will always taste better than anything store-bought.

Salts & Spice Blends


Tomato Sauce & Paste

Stock & Broth

What other pantry essentials do you like to make at home? Anything that surprised you with how easy it was?