20 Dinners to Eat Out of a Bowl (on the Couch)

updated May 1, 2019
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Confession: Despite having a dining room table, my husband and I eat dinner on the couch a lot. And by a lot, I mean every single night. So I feel like somewhat of an expert on the topic, and have learned that when kicking back with dinner on the couch, bowls are so much more friendly than plates. With enough creativity you can tuck just about anything into a bowl, but these 20 recipes are some of your best bets.

Soup and Chili

Soup and chili are pretty much the original bowl foods, and right now they are two of my favorite dinners to dig into as I settle into the couch at the end of the day. To resist filling my bowl all the way to the rim, which can have a dangerous outcome, I always grab one that’s bigger than I need and fill it just half or three-quarters of the way.


At some point in time I transitioned from eating pasta on plates to piling it into my favorite shallow, wide bowls, and it was definitely one of the better changes I’ve made in life. If you don’t trust yourself with red sauce on the couch, stick with delicious favorites like creamy mac and cheese, an orzo and veggie skillet, or a bowl of fast and fancy brown butter noodles.

Grain Bowls and Noodle Bowls

Grain bowls and noodles bowls are in heavy rotation in my meal plan, and aside from the fact that I just plain love them, they are a super-convenient option for eating on the couch.

Dinner-Worthy Salads

When it comes to making meal-worthy salads, my motto is “the bigger the bowl, the better.” And that could not be more true when it comes to dinners salads I plan to dig into while cozied up on the couch. Whether you opt for a lentil and veggie salad, taco salad, a broccoli and kale Caesar, or another favorite, be sure the ingredients are prepped into bite-sized pieces, so there’s no cutting required while you eat.