21 Things That Were Cheaper 10 Years Ago

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

It’s no secret that the cost of food is on the rise. It wasn’t too long ago that I could buy a frozen pound of ground turkey from my local grocer for a buck, but now I’m lucky to find it for less than $3 a pound. Here are 21 items that over the last decade have skyrocketed in price. How many can you guess?

Business Insider rounded up a list of 21 items we use everyday that have increased dramatically in price over the last ten years. Along with 19 food items, gasoline and electricity are also on the list. The rest are all edible and we’re guessing you didn’t think chocolate chip cookies would make the list!

Some of the items that stuck out to us are listed below. Care to take a guess at what the others are? Try making a quick list and see how many you get right. They’re all pretty basic and will leave you saying, “I remember when macaroni used to be $0.50 back in my day!”

• Peanut Butter: 40% increase
• Beer: 25% increase
• Eggs: 73% increase
• Tub Margarine: 73% increase

Want to see the full slideshow of all the increases? Check them out at the link below!

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