18 Kitchens That Have the Brick Walls You Dream Of

(Image credit: Etica Studio)

Exposed brick isn’t something you see all that often in a kitchen. Whether it’s because it’s expensive to add into new construction or because most of the old brick walls have been painted over, it’s an element we enjoy when we come across it. (Of course, I’m partial to it, given the fact that I have exposed brick in my own kitchen.)

We found 18 prime examples of brick at its best in the kitchen — including one kitchen with a brick floor! If it’s a look you love, but don’t have in your kitchen, there are ways you can fake it. Apartment Therapy has some advice on how to do faux brick.

  • Brick Backsplash – Positive Space Inc.: We’re used to seeing subway tile backsplashes, but this brick version is a bit more out of the ordinary. We love the way it looks, and that it prevents the kitchen from being a sea of white.
  • Brick & Stainless – Decoist: The mix of natural and industrial in this loft kitchen is just right. The exposed brick and wood beams offset the slick stainless steel to keep it from feeling too much like a commercial kitchen.
  • Open Pipe Shelving – Frou Frugal: This kitchen keeps the industrial feel of the exposed brick going with the plumbing pipe shelving units on either side of the sink.
  • Brick & Beams – Better Homes & Gardens: It would be easy to make this space feel super industrial, but the softer elements, like the white country-style cabinets and the wicker stools, give it a more down-to-earth charm.
  • Brick Pantry Nook – Lonny: This little alcove built into the wall between the dining room and the kitchen is the perfect space for a glassware collection, cookbooks, or even decanted pantry staples.
  • All Brick – The Kitchn: Would you have ever guessed that this space used to hold a library? Neither would we! The brick is on full display, in this beautiful sky-lit space. And they’ve made up for the fact that there aren’t many cabinets by adding a large island counter.
(Image credit: The Kitchn)
  • Faded Brick – Bella Casa Design: The faded brick and floating shelves in this Texas home strike just the right balance. We also love that the natural fiber shades warm up what could otherwise be a slick marble kitchen.
  • Farmhouse Kitchen – Locati Architects: This Montana kitchen has the right mix of sleek white cabinets, a brick backsplash, and beautiful wood countertops. We can imagine many delicious meals prepared here.
  • Rustic Kitchen – The Kitchn: The farmhouse table and vintage windows maintain the charm of this rustic Atlanta kitchen. We love that the wall space has been utilized as well with some open shelving.
  • Brick Hearth – Signature Kitchens: The way the brick wall and archway is built in this country kitchen makes it appear as though there is a hearth surrounding the range. We love this nod to traditional kitchen design.
  • Open Shelving – Lonny: Especially if you’re a renter, installing fixtures or cabinetry in brick can be tricky. Instead, consider open shelving like this kitchen. It’s easy to install when you move in and easy to remove when you move out.
  • Scandinavian Influence – MDSX Contractors: Even though this kitchen is in a flat in London, we detect a certain Scandinavian influence in the blonde wood cabinets and simple lines.
(Image credit: Landing Design)
  • Striped Brick – Landing Design: The designer of this Portland loft space used stripes of painted brick to create visual interest along the wall in the kitchen. We love that all the pots and pans are hung in the unpainted section.
  • Mirrored Backsplash – Lonny: The mirrored backsplash of this kitchen adds an interesting contrast to the brick. The fact that it has a patina makes it fit somewhere between the sleek wood cabinets and the earthy, rough brick.
  • Washed Out Brick – Pinney Designs: The muted colors of this faded brick wall pair perfectly with the French blue of the cabinets and the island counter. Colorful cabinets can be tricky to pull off, but we think this combination hits the nail on the head.
  • Brick Floor – Ourso Designs: We couldn’t forget a brick floor in the mix. It might be an unconventional choice for a kitchen, but we like the rustic feel. Just be sure you have a good floor mat you can put out when you’re planning on standing and cooking for a long period of time.
  • Brick Column – The Kitchn: The brick column in this kitchen from our Before & After series used to be covered mostly in bead board. Now that the space has been renovated, the brick is exposed and plays a supporting role in the kitchen.
  • One-Wall Kitchen – Etica Studio: This one-wall kitchen in an Australian loft has a great eclectic mix of textures and colors. We love the way the brick plays off the dark, teal blue.