Smallest Coolest Kitchen 2007 Entry #18: Everett's Bachelor Galley

Smallest Coolest Kitchen 2007 Entry #18: Everett's Bachelor Galley

Faith Durand
May 3, 2007

Name: Everett
Location: Westwood - Los Angeles, California
Size & Type: 23 square feet in a 150 square foot bachelor apartment

Favorite resource: Your local restaurant supply is your best friend. In LA, Surfas and Sur la Table are good bets. Let's hope that the giant home supply stores shape up their low quality goods or ship out!????

Inspiration: I was a poor student who craved artisanal baked goods. Unfortunately my apartment lacked an oven, so I set out to purchase as large a toaster as I could find. Since then she and I have been through a lot. ...

Inspiration, continued: We've run the pizza gamut from frozen premades to quad-fromsies of the Cheeseboard, Berkeley. Suzanne Goin's pretty little tarts have been birthed here on occasion. An espresso machine whistles, myriad cookbooks are checked, scallops sizzle and my how the thyme does fly!

Tip: A severe lack of space is sometimes beneficial for the kind of culinary free association that pervades not only good cooking, but satisfying living. With everything in literal arms reach its not to hard to make brave links between what seem like the most separate of one's life interests and activities. Thus, cook books, DVDs, posters and other gastromedia are sandwiched between seemingly un-culinary artifacts, all of which conspire or accidentally interact in bizzare and beautiful ways.

Maybe those episodes of Julia Child's 'The French Chef' belong in your pantry and not in your dvd collection. Maybe while reaching for some seminal treatise on human cognition, Nancy Silverton will instead distract you with a recipe for juicy pork crostini. Maybe it's no accident that your macrobiotic cookbook lies precariously close to a bottle of fine daiginjo sake - a zen-like reminder that worlds are never perfect. Maybe your eyes wander across a photo of the Green brother's Gamble house, a picture of your mom at 26, a litho of Little Walter playing 'Juke' - and suddenly you're ready to tackle that minature fried donut recipe from the French Laundry.

Remember, inspiration is everywhere and there are no lawful constraints on human desire. Never give up! Never surrender! If you can dream it, you can build it - pastries on a budget, new mexican fusion, a closet charcuterie, fried parsley - the sky's the limit!

- Everett

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