17th Street Thrift Shop District

[This post, along with a few others you’ll see soon, comes from Stacey, to whom we are very grateful. Thank you, Stacey!]

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

Anyone who doubts the existence of the hunter-gatherer gene in the urban dweller should watch me troll the thrift shops on 17th Street. I regularly visit three such stores on the blocks between 7th and 5th Avenues. While I love to snag designer boots for ten bucks, the goods I’m after are for tabletop and kitchen.

I began this practice after moving into a studio apartment in Greenwich Village. Cooking in an overcrowded space naturally leads to glassware and dish casualties. Fed up with expensive replacements that were temporary, it was time to go the second-hand route.

During a recent perambulation of the shops, I spotted two enameled cast-iron au-gratin pans in the back of Housing Works. Their mute shade of green was appealing, as was their heft. Even with a few chips in the exterior enamel they were a find at $3.00 each.

As for the inaugural dish, the warm weather suggested Greek-style shrimp. Following is the recipe.

Housing Works Thrift Shop
143 West 17th Street

Angel Street Thrift Shop
118 West 17th Street

17 @ 17 Thrift Shop
17 West 17th Street