17 Spicy Recipes That Bring Some Heat to the Dinner Table

updated May 1, 2019
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Eating spicy food is an energizing experience. Adding another round of cracked pepper to your recipe is great and all, but cayenne, paprika, jalapeño, and chilies can make otherwise plain food feel more alive and tingling with flavor. You may sweat, your tongue may burn a little, but it all just tastes (and feels!) so good.

These recipes can ease you into just a little heat, and a little sunshine. They won’t make your mouth feel on fire all night – they’ll just add a little warmth to your dinner table. From a spicy grapefruit guacamole, to a 30-minute chicken posole, to bibimbap tacos – you have plenty to choose from.

To the spice-fiends and spice-wary, take note: These recipes won’t require a glass of milk nearby to cool your mouth. If that’s what you’re looking for, bump up the spices and add some hot sauce. If you’re testing the boundaries of what you can and can’t eat, take it easy and remember to taste the recipe while your cooking. Adjust as needed.

Pairing drinks with spicy food can be a fun challenge. You can’t go wrong with a cold beer, but it’s a little bit of a challenge to find the right wine. If you do go the wine route, try to find something dry and spicy or something on the sweeter side.

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17 Recipes That Bring Some Heat

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