17 Make-Ahead Breakfast Recipes to Keep Stashed in the Freezer

(Image credit: Christine Han)

I’m a firm believer that stashing a week’s worth (or even more!) of breakfast in the freezer is one of the absolute best things you can do for your future self. It feels nothing short of victorious when you can roll out of bed, pop breakfast in the oven, and, by the time you’re showered and ready for work, have a warm breakfast in hand. What’s not to love about that?

From breakfast sandwiches and burritos, to muffins and breakfast cookies, it’s time to stash these 17 breakfast recipes in your freezer right now.

Breakfast Sandwiches, Wraps, and Burritos

Cooking up a breakfast sandwich might not be possible before dashing out the door for work, but that doesn’t mean you can’t count on one for your first meal of the day. Make a few breakfast sandwiches (or wraps or burritos!) during your Sunday meal prep and then take one out the night before to defrost, or pop it straight into the oven from the freezer in the morning.

Moist & Cakey Banana Bread(Image credit: Christine Han)

Muffins and Quick Breads

Banana bread at the ready at all times? Yes, please! Your freezer is the perfect place to stash muffins and quick breads. I love slicing up my quick bread once it’s cooled, before popping it in the freezer — that way whenever I want a slice, it’s quick to grab and I can pop it right into the toaster.

Spiced Carrot Oat Breakfast Cookies(Image credit: Andrea Bemis)

Breakfast Pops, Cookies, and Oats

This might sound like a lineup of desserts, but rest assured these recipes are totally breakfast-appropriate. Filled with protein-rich Greek yogurt and nut butter, you can’t go wrong starting your day with any of these sweet treats.