18 Boozy Hot Chocolate Recipes to Get Through the Rest of Winter

updated Jan 17, 2020
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We’re calling it now — the unofficial drink this winter is a steamy mug of red wine hot chocolate. If you’re not so sure of the idea, however, there are many other ways to indulge in boozy hot chocolate as temperatures stay cold outside. Basically any kind of booze and chocolate go together. Here are 18 recipes to get you started.

1. Spiked Nutella Hot Chocolate

Wait, you haven’t tried adding Nutella to your hot chocolate? You need to get on that immediately.

Get the recipe: Spiked Nutella Hot Chocolate

2. Broiled Bailey’s Hot Chocolate

If you want next-level boozy hot chocolate, try using your broiler.

Get the recipe: Broiled Bailey’s Hot Chocolate from Amanda K. by the Bay

3. Boozy Hot Chocolate with Vanilla Bean Whipped Cream

You might think the star of this recipe is the bourbon, but it’s actually the homemade vanilla bean whipped cream.

Get the recipe: Boozy Hot Chocolate with Vanilla Bean Whipped Cream from The Almond Eater

Credit: Damn Delicious

4. Kahlua Hot Chocolate

This is a great gift idea for the holidays. As the blogger behind Damn Delicious explains, “Simply combine the dry ingredients and throw them into a cute jar with a ribbon and you’re set. It doesn’t get easier, or cheaper, than that!”

Get the recipe: Kahlua Hot Chocolate from Damn Delicious

5. Stout Hot Chocolate with Ice Cream

I like the hot-cold thing going on with this drink. You warm the hot chocolate and stout together and then you pour it into a mug with a scoop of ice cream.

Get the recipe: Stout Hot Chocolate with Ice Cream from Floating Kitchen

6. Pumpkin Butterbeer Hot Chocolate

Of course there is a Harry Potter boozy hot chocolate. Of course! This one has bourbon, by the way.

Get the recipe: Pumpkin Butterbeer Hot Chocolate from Half Baked Harvest

Credit: Sugar & Soul

7. S’mores Hot Chocolate Cocktail

How good does that marshmallow top look? This recipe gets the boozy factor from whiskey.

Get the recipe: S’mores Hot Chocolate Cocktail from Sugar & Soul

8. Mocha Mudslide Hot Chocolate

The blogger behind Lemons for Lulu describes this drink as a “rich and creamy, warm version of the popular mudslide cocktail!” Sounds about right.

Get the recipe: Mocha Mudslide Hot Chocolate from Lemons for Lulu

9. Boozy Pumpkin White Hot Chocolate

This is like a mix between a Pumpkin Spice Latte, hot chocolate, and a cocktail. It sounds pretty perfect.

Get the recipe: Boozy Pumpkin White Hot Chocolate from Minimalist Baker

10. Red Wine Hot Chocolate

Make a rich drink with dark chocolate, cocoa powder, cinnamon, brown sugar, whole milk. And of course, red wine.

11. Coconut Cardamom Bourbon Hot Chocolate

This hot chocolate is all about balance. It’s the perfect mix between sweet, spicy, and boozy.

Get the recipe: Coconut Cardamom Bourbon Hot Chocolate from Autumn Makes & Does

12. Hot Cocoa with Rum

The perfect companion for a Netflix binge.

Get the recipe: Hot Cocoa with Rum from Verily

13. Hot Cocoa & Kilbeggan Whiskey

A comforting cup of rich hot cocoa spiked with whiskey and dolloped with rich whipped cream, is all you’ll need for a little happiness to finish off a long week.

Get the recipe: Hot Cocoa & Kilbeggan Whiskey

14. Spiced Red Wine Hot Chocolate

This recipe goes beyond just adding red wine and hot cocoa together. It gets its spice from a pinch of cayenne pepper.

Get the recipe: Spiced Red Wine Hot Chocolate from Afternoon Espresso

15. Boozy Orange Hot Chocolate

You know those chocolate oranges that are popular around the holidays? This is basically the boozy beverage version of that treat.

Get the recipe: Boozy Orange Hot Chocolate from Momtastic

16. Naughty Nice Coconut Kahlua Hot Cocoa with Spiked Eggnog Marshmallows

There is so much happening in this drink that I don’t know where to start. You really don’t want to miss out on those chocolate-dipped eggnog marshmallows.

Get the recipe: Naughty Nice Hot Cocoa with Spiked Eggnog Marshmallows from Half Baked Harvest

17. Alcoholic Hot Chocolate

This rich hot chocolate is spiked with dark rum, and is rounded out with honey, brown sugar, and vanilla extract.

Get the recipe: Alcoholic Hot Chocolate from Erinnish

18. Red Wine Hot Chocolate

This is the red wine hot chocolate recipe that is taking over the internet. Make it now and understand why it’s so trendy.

Get the recipe: Red Wine Hot Chocolate from Imma Eat That