16 Dinners to Make in 30 Minutes

16 Dinners to Make in 30 Minutes

Weeknight meals can be tricky. You want to put something interesting and healthy on the table, but when time is short, takeout or a frozen meal is sometimes the more appealing option. These 16 meals will help you stick to your plans of actually fixing dinner. After all, when it only takes 30 minutes, you might have dinner on the table before that delivery even arrives.

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1. Spicy Sausage & Mixed Vegetable Skillet Pasta

The best thing about cooking with sausage (other than how delicious it is) is how quickly it cooks up. The element that takes the most amount of time in this recipe is the pasta. Everything else can be prepped and cooked while the pasta boils.

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2. Chickpeas, Kale & Sausage with Oven-Baked Egg

This is the perfect solo dining meal, but it can also be scaled up to serve a crowd without adding on much extra prep time. The best part is that the egg can be baked on top in your toaster oven, which means you don't even have to wait for preheating time.

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3. Southwest Skillet Ragu

This meal comes together with a range of pantry staples, so you don't have to add a trip to the grocery store to the time you spend on dinner. You might also know this classic comfort food as goulash, but whatever your family calls it, it's a solid comfort-food staple.

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4. Cilantro-Lime Sardine Salad in Avocado Halves

Similar in preparation to tuna salad, this sardine salad version is a bit richer and heartier. If sardines aren't your thing, feel free to substitute tuna, crab, or shrimp salad in it's place. We have a soft spot for this perfectly salty salad paired with the creamy avocado half.

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5. How To Make 15-Minute Risotto in a Pressure Cooker

Don't believe the hype that risotto is impossible to make quickly. The traditional way might involve a lot of stirring and waiting time, but if you break out your pressure cooker, this tasty version only takes 15 minutes!

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6. 20-Minute Spicy Tomato-Mushroom Tortellini

Pasta is a no-brainer when it comes to quick meals, but the challenge is to make it feel interesting and fresh. That's when we reach for tortellini. Since it can be quite rich, a spicy mushroom sauces helps cut through that and makes for a quick dish that hits the spot.

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7. 30-Minute Green Curry Braised Salmon

Salmon on the table in just 3o minutes? Yes we can. This dish can also be made in one pan, so cleanup will take even less time than prep. Oh, and the coconut milk and curry braise makes it pretty tasty, too.

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8. 30-Minute Sheet Pan Potatoes and Chicken Sausage

Once again, the one-pan meal saves the day. These crispy smashed potatoes only take up half of the sheet pan, which means there's plenty of room to add in pieces of chicken sausage to make a complete meal. All you'll have to add is some sort of green salad, and dinner is served.

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9. 30-Minute Chicken Posole

Posole represents all of our favorite things about Mexican cuisine. It's a dish that's spicy, refreshing, crisp, and still comforting, thanks to the savory broth base. In fact, we'd make the case for this being the chicken soup to knock out any unseasonal spring or summer colds.

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10. Baked Black Bean & Avocado Burritos

Somewhere between a burrito and an enchilada, this baked Mexican dish is a great vegetarian dinner. If you prefer a meatier version, you can always substitute in lean ground turkey for part or all of the black beans.

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11. Creamy Gorgonzola Gnocchi

If you don't normally cook gnocchi, allow us to let you in on a little secret — it's one of the quickest-cooking dishes you can make. If you start with fresh gnocchi from the store or your local Italian market, it will only take a few minutes to boil. It's one of those dishes that just tastes way more impressive than the time it takes to prepare.

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12. 30-Minute Cacciatore Chicken

Thanks to the magic of the pressure cooker, this dish goes from frozen chicken drumsticks to a flavorful dinner in just 30 minutes — no thawing time required. You'll never go back to the old way of making chicken cacciatore again.

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13. Pork Chops in Port Wine Sauce

You'd never guess this delectable dinner took less than 30 minutes to make, would you? That's why it makes for such a good weeknight meal when you have dinner guests. It's an impressive dish, and the port wine sauce cannot be beat.

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14. Baked Potato Shakshuka

Starting with a pre-baked potato will definitely cut down on your prep time for this recipe. But if you haven't planned ahead, you can always bake your potato in the microwave, and then fill it with the marinara and egg combo.

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15. Spaghetti Squash Pad Thai

Once again the microwave comes in handy when making this recipe. It only takes about 15 minutes in the microwave to get the flesh of the squash perfectly cooked. While that's happening, you can prep the rest of the ingredients.

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16. Garlicky Shrimp Scampi

The shrimp portion of this meal comes together pretty quickly, so the first thing you'll want to do when preparing it is to boil the water so everything else can be cooked while the pasta boils. And go ahead and use frozen shrimp — that's often the best value for your wallet.

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