10 Wonderful White Kitchens That Make Us Sigh

(Image credit: Sarah Sherman Samuel)

In a perfect world, I’d have a giant bright white kitchen and there would always be a small breeze blowing, and birds chirping, and a Smeg refrigerator fully stocked with fresh vegetables.

OK, so that’s probably not in the cards any time soon, but that doesn’t mean we can’t drool. Take a 5-minute break from work and join with us in the fantasy of the lovely white kitchen with these 10 beautiful examples.

Although each of these kitchens shares common elements — white paint, countertops, and often cabinets — that doesn’t mean they all have the same feel. There’s a white room for everyone, and each one has its own personality and feel. Check out the notes on each slide above for our personal loves in each room!

Do you love white kitchens or do they just scream clinical to you? What does your dream kitchen look like? Let us know below!

  1. The white. The wood. The metallics — we might need a minute to be alone with this kitchen folks. Is there anyone that doesn’t want to live there? Check out the full tour at Dwell.
  2. This small kitchen packs a punch. Can you imagine it any other color? Absolutely not! Check out more at Smitten Studio.
  3. These grey cabinets and industrial shelving have us weak in the knees. Ooh la la. Check out more at How To Decorate.
  4. Ina Garten hit a home run with this kitchen renovation. We can’t single out a reason for our obsession; it’s all 100% fabulous. Check out more at House Beautiful.
  5. Although the marigold color might not hit it home for some people, the white in contrast with those big brass pendants — oh be still our collective hearts. Check out more at Traditional Home.
  6. This space from Elle Decor is the size of my entire apartment. Maybe that’s the trick. I don’t need a bed; I just need a giant kitchen!
  7. The vintage stove will make you drool; the chalkboard wall will make any photo taken in the space appear to be restaurant quality. Check out more from House Beautiful.
  8. Want to know what it’s like to share your home with thousands of college students? Yeah, not really. But we might consider it if our kitchen looked like this one! Want to see more? Check out the tour over at News Observer.
  9. Have you ever fallen in love with a wall of cabinets? What about flooring that just makes you ache for a warm summer breeze? No? Well then you must have missed this tour from our archives!
  10. Do you know what it’s like to have breakfast in the round? If you lived here you would. This white breakfast nook is partner to an all white kitchen. Check out the details from New England Home.

Do you love white kitchens or do they just scream clinical to you? What does your dream kitchen look like? Let us know below!